Career Planning & Assessment Options

Career Assessment Package (In Person)

For those who are trying to make decisions on which direction to take their career, the Career Assessment Package would utilize professional-level instruments along with our discussions, over 3 sessions, to help you move forward in your planning. It includes:

  • An initial session to discuss your specific career planning needs. We will discuss your background and what careers you are considering, as well as what factors are being considered in your career planning.
  • After the initial session, you will complete two exercises – covering your abilities and values, as well as complete two career assessments online – the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the Strong Interest Inventory. There may be other exercises added in depending on your circumstances.
  • We would plan two follow-up sessions to review the information and discuss potential outcomes. I will provide you with handouts and copies of all the assessment results.
  • A key part of our discussions will focus on what resources and experiences can help you to move forward in your planning. There is a lot to be gained through experiences, whether it is volunteering, internships, discussions with those employed in your field of interest, job-shadowing. Many clients are unsure of how to identify those resources for the new career areas they are considering.

Some clients might feel this program has given them enough reassurance to move forward in their career planning. For others, it may be helpful to continue counseling to work through your ideas and any obstacles to your decision making. For those completing this program, additional follow-up is available at reduced rate.

Career Assessment Package (via Internet & Phone)

To Be Available Soon

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