High School & College Career Exploration Options

The high school and college years are a time of great changes and planning for the future. As students get ready to graduate high school, they often have many questions such as – “what should I major in?”, “which school is best for me?” While most students go onto college, some may be considering options besides college. For high school and college students, career assessment and counseling is a great way to develop a clear pathway to lead them beyond their school years.

When you consider the time and financial investments of college, career assessment and counseling is a wise way to build a strong foundation for the rest of your life. By going through career assessment & counseling, a high school student is more likely to have a clear career focus. They are better able to identify the right educational opportunities with a good reputation for their chosen field. With a clear future career goal, they are more likely to have the confidence and stamina needed to get through difficult coursework. And with a clear focus, they will more likely find themselves meeting people in their field who can better help them land a good internship and the best possible job after completing their schooling. Many of my clients in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond have often said “I wish I had done this back when I was in high school!”

The career assessment and counseling programs that I offer to high school and college students help to identify four areas about themselves that are most important to consider in the career planning process. Those areas are: interests, personality, values and abilities. High school and college students also have a greater need to learn about careers. I will provide Information sheets and various resources to help with this step in the process. I recommend that high school students be at least a rising junior before going through a career counseling program. By this time, through their school and life experiences, most students will have developed their interests that can help them decide what direction to take.

Here are the three Counseling Options I provide to High School and College Students...

Individual Counseling

This is an ideal program that allows us to work one-on-one with your specific career planning needs. It includes an initial session to discuss your background and gives me a chance to learn more about what careers you are considering and what factors are being considered in your career planning. After the initial session, you will complete two exercises – one on abilities, and one on values. There are then two career assessments you will complete online – the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the Strong Interest Inventory. I will provide you with handouts and copies of all the assessment results. Parents are invited to sit in at the end of the third session to review the information.

Small Group Counseling

For students with very busy schedules, or if you seeking a more cost-effective way to provide help to your student, especially if they have some ideas of what career direction they want to take, but want reassurance, this program may be the right way to go. It is for small groups of 6-10 students, and is usually scheduled over two days during a school break, meeting for 2 hours each day. Prior to our meeting, we will have talked by phone, and you will have completed some paperwork, and two online career assessments (the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and the Strong Interest Inventory). During our group meeting time, we will complete the additional values and skills exercises, review all results and discuss possible career options.

School & Youth Group Session

During my years of counseling, I have worked with a few high schools and church youth groups. If you would like to investigate offering a larger group program, please contact me and we can tailor a program to meet your needs. Typical career assessment costs can be significantly reduced when working with a larger group, and some individuals who would like to receive further assistance can always choose to continue beyond the group program at a usual hourly rate.

I offer a Free Confidential Consultation by phone to help you decide if career counseling can be helpful to you in your specific situation.

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